In today’s world, having a nice pretty smile with white teeth, seems to be of utmost importance.  Most people will take extreme, painful measures for whiter teeth.  Cosmetic dentistry can be costly, provide adequate whiteness to the teeth but often only short term.  To supplement and help maintain the pearly whites, many dollars are spent for over the counter teeth whitening applications.

Exactly how does a person go about having the whitest teeth?  Do you go to the best cosmetic dentist and have one of the costly, sometimes painful procedures?  Do you purchase a different type of over the counter teeth-whitening compound for every day of the week?  Do you apply one type of procedure in the morning and another for nighttime?  Just what is a person to do to get whiter teeth?

Well, let us see.  There is over the counter bleach you can apply to your teeth.  In addition, there are trays you can wear that promises whiter teeth.  Then there are strips that you can apply.  These teeth whitening strips can be very versatile to use.  There are strips that dissolve in a few minutes or strips that you wear over night.  Let us not forget the rinses that you can swish around your mouth then spit out.  The list of over the counter teeth whitening applications is long with much variety.  The number of different your dentist can use to help you obtain whiter teeth are vast and easily available.  There is a procedure and a price for almost anyone on most budgets.  In other words, whiter teeth can be yours for a price, however, the price might include pain and food sacrifices to obtain the best results.

Will any of these measures really give you whiter teeth?  Possibly, highly probable, if, and I did say if, your mouth is healthy to start with.  Start with the things you can do and change.  Good oral hygiene is a must for good health and essential for whiter teeth.  Eat right, drink plenty of fluids, and be sure to get enough dairy calcium.  It is not just an old wives tale, “drink your milk” you need it for your teeth.  Of course if you are unhealthy, have certain diseases or conditions, whiter teeth will be extremely hard to achieve.  Chemotherapy, certain medications like tetracycline, iron, can turn teeth dark, sometimes brown, dark yellow or almost black.  Unfortunately, there is little to be done in these instances except take care of your mouth and your health.

Good Oral Hygiene for whiter teeth can be accomplished in absence of above by practicing just that, good oral hygiene.  Far too many people are naive in thinking that daily brushing is all that is needed for good oral hygiene.  Daily brushing is the absolute minimum you can do for good oral hygiene.  Brushing after each meal, especially before you go to bed is important for oral health and whiter teeth.  Daily flossing, especially after eating is necessary.  Eating healthy, drinking your milk, and consuming fluoride treated water certainly helps with oral hygiene and please see your dentist regularly for checkups.   Other things can help too; for instance, avoid highly sugared foods, sticky foods, and using a mouthwash.  If you are somewhere you cannot brush, at the very least, rinse your mouth out with water. 

Remember good oral hygiene is a precursor for whiter teeth.  It is hard to have whiter teeth without good hygiene practices.  Regardless of the other teeth whitening measures you take, whether it be the over the counter applications or cosmetic dentistry, you have to start with good teeth and gums.  Take care of your mouth; your smile is one of the first things people will notice.