As you have already seen, the peritonitis is a life-threatening disease which can develop dangerous complications if it’s not treated promptly. Given this fact is very important that the diagnosis arrive on due time. First of all the doctor does a physical examination which consists in feeling and pressing the abdomen so he […]


There are several factors which can contribute at increasing the risk of peritonitis. For example, risk factors for primary peritonitis are: cirrhosis (liver disease), kidney damage, pelvic inflammation, fluid in the abdomen, a deficitary immune system. The following items represent a risk factors for secondary peritonitis: stomach ulcers, damaged intestine or pancreas, appendicitis, inflammatory […]

Peritonitis Disease

The peritoneum (or the visceral peritoneum) is a thin, two-layered membrane which covers the abdominal organs(like stomach, intestines or liver) and the abdominal walls(parietal peritoneum). When this membrane becomes inflamed it produces the disease called peritonitis. The peritonitis is usually caused by bacterial infection. It can be two kinds of peritonitis: […]

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