Do you want to extend your life? Do you know that you can do so by changing your diet? Let us know what is an anti-aging diet which will help you defeat aging.

The human body is made up of millions of cells which die each day and are replaced by new ones. The new cells are directly linked to your diet as they need good nutrition. This is called self regeneration. As we grow older, this process becomes slow and the replacement cells become weaker. We need to have certain anti-aging food which will make the new cells stronger.

The first step towards being healthy is to decrease the input of saturated fats. Fat should not increase beyond 30% of total energy. But for anti-aging nutrition it is only 10%. You should increase the intake of proteins more rather that meat.

Some even recommend a vegetarian diet. But this has not been scientifically proved. Go leaner variety of meat. Avoid junk food. Restrict yourself from eating chips and other calorie stuffs.

Other foods which help sell regeneration are food which are high in omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. These are known as Vitamin B-6, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin C, Beta carotene, Folic acid and Selenium. Food which are rich in the above and which are important for anti-aging are: berries, olive oil, barley green, seaweed, green leafy vegetable and raw nuts and seeds.

A survey done on anti-aging nutrition has also mentioned about Goji berries and its juice. There are grown in the Himalayas and it is considered that people who have consumed these on regular basis live longer and healthier too. This berry is rich in antioxidants.

Additional vitamins and nutrition are required because we live a life full of stress and pollution. Look online for what to add to your daily diet. Alternatively, take a multivitamin everyday.

Be persistent and consume the right diet everyday. Also include exercise in your daily routine to feel young. The biggest weapon to anti-aging is good diet and exercise. These are the natural anti-aging methods on which you can start working today.

Healthy diet does not include skipping meals or starving. It means eating a balanced diet which included vitamins, nutrients and minerals. It makes your metabolism speed up and burns your fat.

Vitamins have antioxidants which help to remove radicals. These damage the cell membranes. It makes the body work very hard to repair itself. Antioxidants help to slow down aging.

Drinking green tea and plenty of water is also a good practise. Eat you breakfast. It is the most important meal of your day. Eat fruits. Bananas have potassium which is required to keep your heart healthy. Onion and garlic fights cancer. Remember to include them too.

On top of all this, remember to exercise. An active and good lifestyle will make your live longer and healthier. Go for a walk regularly, workout at home or visit the gym. Just make your body do some exercise. Think young.