A lot of people have thought about it or are starting to think about it, but what can you actually do to extend your life? There are a lot of anti-aging supplements or crèmes out there to purchase, but what actually works? Is there a way to look 5 or 10 years younger by just changing a few things in your life? The answer is yes.

Working out and staying physically and mentally fit is the key to anti-aging. By doing aerobic and anaerobic exercises at least 3 days a week can substantially change not only how you look but as well how you feel. Physical fitness can shed years of age off of your body getting rid of a lot of the health conditions you may have had in the past.

Eating right is also hugely related to how you look and feel. Start reading the labels off of what you eat and keep count of all of the calories, carbs, sugars, and fat content that you eat. Look also at the protein and vitamins that you get per a day too. If your meals are not getting enough of the right percentage of each food group your body will react to it with a negative effect. Eating in small portions is the right step to looking younger.

Using anti-aging supplements such as organic skin care products or vitamins will also help your body rejuvenate and look younger. Keeping your skin moisturized and clean will keep your body looking full of youth. Practice other techniques in your life such as Yoga and Prana to bring vital energy back into you.